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Introduction to The Myers-Briggs Company's Assessments

Discover our assessments and begin to develop your people, improve performance, and be better today.

More than just products, our versatile solutions work together to form the strategic foundation organizations need to improve performance. In the webinars described below, The Myers-Briggs Company author Robert Devine walks you through introductions to the powerful assessments we publish, as well as explains how to get started developing your people.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Instrument

“Introduction to the MBTI® Assessment” explains how the MBTI® assessment helps people discover their inborn preferences and better understand themselves and how they interact with others. In this webinar, you’ll take a deeper dive into type and discover the value of individual differences. Find out more about the world’s most trusted personality assessment.

TKI® Assessment

“Introduction to the TKI® Assessment” explains how to use this fast, straightforward tool that provides practical, situation-specific approaches to dealing with conflict, and helps you decide whether it fits your needs.

FIRO-B® and FIRO Business® Tools

“Introduction to the FIRO® Assessments” provides a detailed overview of the FIRO-B® and FIRO Business®assessments and describes how these tools can be used in many different settings to improve organizational performance through insight into interpersonal needs and behavior.

CPI™ Assessments

“Introduction to the CPI™ Assessments” describes how the CPI assessments can be used to help individuals and leaders improve their performance and to help organizations find the right talent. Learn more about using the CPI instruments and whether they are right for you and your clients.

Introduction to the MBTI® Instrument

During this 1-hour presentation, The Myers-Briggs Company author Rob Devine explains how the MBTI instrument creates a common language, enabling individuals to better understand themselves and how they interact with others. You’ll learn about the rich history of the tool, including a detailed review of the type preferences and the classic Z-model for decision-making, key benefits and applications, and popular products and resources to use in your practice.

Over the past 60 years, the MBTI personality assessment has helped organizations of all sizes address their needs, from team building, leadership and coaching, and conflict management to career development and retention.

Take a deeper dive into type and discover the world’s most trusted personality assessment

Introduction to the FIRO® Instrument

In this webinar, The Myers-Briggs Company author Rob Devine discusses how the FIRO® suite of assessments can provide additional insights into interpersonal needs and behavior, which can create an opportunity to improve personal effectiveness. You’ll learn about the development and evolution of the FIRO-B® tool and how it applies to the social need theory, key benefits and scenarios, and powerful resources to use in your practice.

No matter what your organizational challenges are, the FIRO assessments can be used in a variety of settings to address your leadership development, team building, and conflict management needs.

Discover the FIRO assessments today

Introduction to the CPI™ Instrument

Built on exceptional history, validity, and reliability, the CPI™ instruments can provide you with time-tested answers to your most pressing challenges:

  • leadership development
  • succession planning
  • performance management
  • employee development
  • selection

Webinars: Discover the CPI™ instruments today

Introduction to the TKI® Instrument

In this webinar, The Myers-Briggs Company author Rob Devine gives an overview of the assessment and conflict modes, key applications and scenarios, customer successes, popular TKI® products, and support resources.

Built on exceptional history, validity, and reliability, the TKI® assessment is a fast and powerful tool that can go beyond conflict management to support:

  • team building
  • leadership and coaching
  • retention

Discover the TKI assessment today