Instruments Overview

The Myers-Briggs Company represents a range of leading personality assessments that enable individuals, teams and organizations to better understand themselves as well as others; unlock their potential by enhancing their skills and capabilities;and accelerate and transform the performance of leaders, teams and employees around the world.


The personality assessments have been utilized by organizations and individuals in areas such as leadership development, executive coaching, team development, conflict management, career exploration, selection and talent retention.


These instruments are based on extensive research to ensure their reliability and validity. Some of the instruments are restricted and require that you attend a certification program to qualify to use and purchase them.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

Improve the performance of your people by helping them understand themselves and others.


Quick Facts:

  • Used by 89 of Fortune 100 companies to maximizing individual and team effectiveness from entry to executive levels.
  • Selected by the nation’s top colleges and universities and by institutions worldwide as the foundation tool for student and alumni career development.
  • Backed by more than fifty years of scientific research and ongoing global development.

Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation®

Help individuals, leaders and teams to build effective and successful working relationships.


Quick Facts

  • Initial psychological research that the FIRO-B® is based on was conducted for the United States Naval Research Labs.
  • FIRO-B® is an acronym for Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior.
  • We have been the exclusive publisher of the FIRO-B® for over 30 years.

Strong Interest Inventory®

Empower career search and lifelong fulfillment with the most trusted career planning tool.


Quick Facts: 

  • 2.1 million people walked away from their jobs in a single month in 2012, the most since the start of the great recession. –U.S. Dept. of Labor
  • Top reasons for career disengagement: feeling unsatisfied, frustrated and unfulfilled

California Psychological Inventory®

Explore the deep and complex insights of individuals for talent selection and leaders’ development.


Quick Facts: 

  • Complements your leadership development, performance improvement, succession planning, and selection programs.
  • Has exceptional reliability and validity with a normative sample of 6,000 individuals.
  • Provides tools for either one-on-one or group coaching (CPI 260®)

Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument

Harness conflict management strategies and help your people work together more effectively.


Quick Facts:

  • Has rock-solid reliability and validity, with built-in control for social desirability.
  • Demonstrates that different behaviors are neither good nor bad but simply different ways of dealing with conflict.
  • Can be used with the MBTI® assessment for deeper insights into personality and conflict management.

Workplace Engagement Profile

Increase organization performance through employee engagement