Team / Organization Development

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success”- Henry Ford

Teams are the building blocks that hold your organisation together. High performing teams deliver positive business impact and operational efficiencies, avoiding waste and missed opportunities. But even the best teams need help to maintain their effectiveness over time – particularly in times of change.

Team Development

Strong and cohesive teams helps drive organizational success. Strong teams, however, cannot be achieved simply by hiring qualified employees – they need to be nurtured through team development. Some teams want to improve on existing good results; others need help to address or prevent poor performance. Whatever team you’re working with, The Myers-Briggs Company’s team development inspires people to work better together, driving organisational success. Our tools and insights rest on unique perspectives on what makes people tick, providing quick and resonant ways to analyse team dynamics, and strategies for boosting team performance.

Team development helps deliver:
  • Better team performance and results
  • More effective use of time and resources
  • Motivated teams who know they impact business results
  • Superior decision-making
  • Improved team dynamics and communication
  • Reduced conflict, improved morale
Our consultants focus on helping teams:
  • Enhance communication and build trust
  • Develop conflict management strategies
  • Improve team problem solving and innovation
  • Enhance team effectiveness and team cohesion
  • Align goals to improve performance
  • Develop superior decision making
  • Leverage individual and collective team strengths

Our Services

Our team development tools and events improve relationships and communication within teams, so you get the best out of your people. You will find our range of industry-leading personality assessments below which will enable you to transform team performance quickly.


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Three ways to develop your team:

1. Online team building at your pace

2. Facilitated team building (Virtual/On-site)

3. Certify a team-building expert

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Our portfolio includes:


Suggested Personality Assessments
Team Building – Intact Teams MBTI®, FIRO®, TKI®, WEP, PTP
Team Building – Newly Formed Teams MBTI®, FIRO®
Team Building – Embracing Change MBTI®
Team Building – Managing Conflict MBTI®, TKI®
Team Building – Developing Emotional Intelligence MBTI®, FIRO®, TKI®
Team Building – Enhancing Interpersonal Relationships MBTI®, FIRO®
Knowing Me, Knowing You: Building Effective Workplace Relationships MBTI®, FIRO®, TKI®
Be Better – Driving Higher Performance Teams MBTI®, FIRO®
Enhancing Team Engagement MBTI®, FIRO®, WEP
Driving Innovation / Improving Project Management MBTI®

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