Our training curriculum comprises a set of certification programs, master class series for the region which are conducted by members of the Myers-Briggs Company training faculty.

Our training curriculum includes:

Certification Programs

We offer certification programs that will certify you in the professional and ethical administration of these instruments.
Upon successful completion of any of our programs, you will become certified to purchase and administer the corresponding instrument and its reports.

MBTI® Master Class Series

The MBTI® Master Class Series are designed for MBTI® Certified Practitioners who wish to deepen their understanding of type theory and its practical application.

Public Workshops

These workshops can be delivered as public or in-house programs. Workshops may also be tailored for a specific need within an organization.

Full Training Calendar

You can browse through all available training courses in our training calendar. You can also visit our Online Registration page.

In-house Courses

Make your budget go further – train in-house

Can’t find a date in our public schedule that works for you? Or want to train several people within your organization at the same time? Here are 3 great reasons why clients chose in-house training programmes…

Value for Money
Save up to 30% course costs

A client in the education sector saved nearly S$3,000 when their team of career consultants became MBTI qualified through an inhouse event.

Scheduling to Suit
Choose dates that work for you

Employees at a leading automotive company became MBTI qualified in just one week with an intensive programme that focused their learning and reduced costs.

Focused Learning
Discuss challenges

A finance sector client runs in-house training so their practitioners can safely discuss how to apply learning to current organisational challenges.