Public Workshops

Training workshops can be delivered as public or in-house programs. Workshops may also be tailored for a specific need within your organization.
Program Title Location Enrol
Knowing Me, Knowing You – Enhancing sales communication Virtual 9 September 2020
Knowing Me, Knowing You – Enhancing sales communication Virtual 9 October 2020
Knowing Me, Knowing You – Enhancing sales communication Virtual 26 November 2020
Harnessing Conflict in the Workplace using TKI Virtual 4 December 2020

The following MBTI® Public Workshops are currently available:

Knowing Me, Knowing You - Enhancing Sales Communication

Layer your sales strategies with personalized selling by adapting your communication and influencing style to the profile of your target client(s). Learn how to increase your “win / closure” rate in this one-day workshop. In addition, you will discover more about yourself and others with the MBTI® personality assessment!

Managing Conflict using TKI

The 1 Day Program will equip you with the knowledge of the TKI® conflict-resolution model and how to resolve conflict positively.

By showing people alternative ways to resolve conflict, rather than always reverting to their default conflict-resolution strategy, you will empower them to seek positive outcomes from conflict situations, boosting productivity and reducing the need for mediation. With these practical skills, you will be able to facilitate others to apply different conflict-handling styles according to the situation

MBTI Healthcare Leadership

Adhering to the MBTI® framework and targeting patient-care provider communication, this workshop will help enhance your caregiving interactions and team engagement. This workshop will boost awareness of how your personality type preferences affect your particular care style.

Successful Communication Using MBTI® Personality Types

This MBTI® Type Communication Workshop is designed for certified and non-certified users of personality type to help them leverage the strengths inherent in their personality preferences to develop effective communication skills.

“Understanding, appreciating and accommodating individual differences in communication style can enhance your ability to communicate. This communication advantage will increase your effectiveness as an employer, supervisor, trainer, coach, team member and leader.”

Donna Dunning, Introduction to Type and Communication

Type and Teaching & Learning Styles

This workshop is designed for certified and non-certified practitioners who teach and provide guidance to individuals in the educational institutes. The workshop will cover key concepts of how MBTI® Type differences have an impact on teaching styles of teachers and learning styles of learners/students and approaches that teachers may need to adopt to engage teach more effectively by understanding the needs and challenges of their learners.

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