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At The Myers-Briggs Company, we are committed to encouraging and enabling knowledge through sharing and learning. We have created various platforms where individuals with different backgrounds, from different parts of the world, come together to share their knowledge and experiences, and at the same time learn and gain new insights.
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We conduct complimentary 1-1.5hr lunch and learn session for organizations too! Contact us at or +65 69141033 to find out more.

Upcoming Events

Event (Complimentary) Date Location
Virtual MBTI, FIRO and Strong Preview Forum 05 November 2020, 2:00pm – 3:30pm (+8GMT) Virtual

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Our Events

Experience the Instruments

We organize complimentary preview session where the participants have the chance to experience and explore our personality assessments such as the MBTI®, FIRO®, Strong & CPI™ assessments.

View our schedule to register for the next preview session.
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Alumni Forums

Meet Old Friends, Make New Ones

For our certified practitioners’ community, we organize exclusive alumni forums where the certified practitioners get together and enjoy valuable time learning about new topics, best practices, and make new friends!


The Myers-Briggs Company organizes mid- to large-scale conferences and seminars where individuals and professionals share and learn best practices and cutting-edge technology, methodology and instruments.


We partner with organizations (eg universities, banks, hospitals and others) in their corporate events to provide support and add valuable experiences to help them be even more successful!


  • Lunch & Learn sessions
  • Career Talk/Fairs
  • Learning Carnivals