MBTI® Master Class Series


The MBTI® Master Class Series are designed for MBTI® certified practitioners who wish to deepen their understanding of type theory and its practical application. They offer practitioners an opportunity to build skills, boost confidence and reinvigorate how the MBTI® instrument is used for deeper individual and group development in their own organizations.

The following MBTI® Master Class Series are currently available:

Program Title Location Enrol
MBTI® Master Series: Type & Coaching Virtual 21 March 2024
MBTI® Master Series: Type & Coaching Virtual 20 June 2024

Type and Leadership

This workshop offers MBTI® certified practitioners a logical framework and practical tools to support individuals and organizations in developing effective and inspirational leaders. The focus of the workshop is to provide practitioners with type-related exercises, tools and insights which can be applied in leadership development programs.

Type and Conflict

Conflicts are a fact of life in teams. Team conflict is not good or bad in itself.Rather it has the potential for both positive and negative outcomes.

Adapted from: Introduction to Conflict and Teams (2004) by Kenneth W. Thomas and Gail Fann Thomas

This workshop is designed to help practitioners discover how type and conflict are linked, explore the impact of preferences on conflict and learning a model for harnessing type awareness in conflict management. The objective is to provide invaluable insights into how to improve conflict approach and how to navigate through conflict with someone whose preferences differ.

Type and Coaching

Performance coaching is becoming more critical in enabling organization success. Coaching process involves making an honest assessment of one’s goals and needs as well as identifying realistic steps to take to move forward.This workshop is designed for MBTI® certified practitioners who are engaged in personal and professional coaching. The focus of the workshop is to offer practical and experiential techniques to coaches who want to better apply type theory in their coaching practice.

Type and Change

This workshop is designed for MBTI® certified practitioners who wish to deepen their understanding of how type influences one’s responses to change and how to use knowledge of type to manage and communicate change more effectively.

Type Dynamics in Decision Making & Problem Solving

This workshop is designed for certified and practitioners of personality type to help them understand the hidden secrets of the personality type code and how they pertain to decision making in the workplace and daily life.

Type and Healthcare

Adhering to the MBTI® framework and targeting patient-care provider communication, this workshop will help enhance your caregiving interactions and team engagement. This workshop will boost awareness of how your personality type preferences affect your particular care style.

Type and Teaching & Learning Styles

This workshop is designed for certified and non-certified practitioners who teach and provide guidance to individuals in the educational institutes. The workshop will cover key concepts of how MBTI® Type differences have an impact on teaching styles of teachers and learning styles of learners/students and approaches that teachers may need to adopt to engage teach more effectively by understanding the needs and challenges of their learners.

The workshops can be delivered as public or in-house programs. If you wish to address a specific need within your organization, these workshops can be tailored accordingly.


Applicant must have successfully completed an MBTI® Certification Program and be an MBTI® Certified Practitioner.