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Fresh and up-to-date

The latest edition is the result of almost a decade of research with over 16,000 individuals sampled from 20 countries to create a consistent, comparable MBTI® experience across the world.


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New Probability Index scoring – makes results easier to understand

One of the most visible changes to the new assessment is the Probability Index. It shows the statistical likelihood of the respondent getting the same outcome if they took the questionnaire again, and it replaces the preference clarity index. The Probability Index means you can talk with more confidence and accuracy about a respondent’s scores, making them even easier to interpret.


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Improved online experience – respondents can learn about their type

Each report generated using the new MBTI® Global Assessment includes access to an enhanced respondent site. It allows respondents to further explore their type after the assessment and apply what they have learned.



New Global Assessments + Products


(English Language)

  • MBTI® Global Step I™ – 92 items
  • MBTI® Global Step II™ – 143 items






Support Materials

(English Language)

  • MBTI® Manual for the Global Step I™ and Step II™ Assessments (4th Edition)
  • MBTI® Manual Global Supplement Series– VIEW DOWNLOADS
  • Understanding Your MBTI® Step II™ Results (2nd Edition)



Your essential introduction to the new MBTI® Global Assessment

Presented by: Stu Belcher, Product Manager and Rich Thompson, Senior Director of Research

The MBTI® Global Assessment now includes a fresh, up-to-date global sample, updated scoring system, personalized content portal for respondents and more.


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