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Overestimating progress is one of the barriers to an inclusive culture

How do essential skills help organizations adapt to uncertainty and disruptive change?

Working from home presents both opportunities and challenges. A basic understanding of interpersonal needs from the perspective of the FIRO-B® assessment can provide insights that can lead to a deeper understanding of your own interpersonal needs and those of your team.

We all have some introverted and some extraverted parts of ourselves, but according to the theory of personality types on which the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment is based, ambiverts don’t exist.

Where did the MBTI assessment and The Myers-Briggs Company pop up in the news last year? Check out these top articles…

There are three types of conflict that people experience at work. Fortunately, HR professionals, leadership consultants, and executive coaches can help leaders and employees improve their conflict resolution skills with the FIRO-B® assessment.

What does inclusion look like for executives and the people they lead?

What is human synchronization and why is it important for learning and development trainers, consultants and coaches to consider?

Did you know that interpersonal behaviors can be measured in an objective way? Through the FIRO-B® assessment, HR professionals and leadership consultants can check how well a person’s behaviors cultivate inclusion and success in the workplace.

Research shows there’s a self-perception gap when leaders assess their inclusion efforts

The world has been flattened by technology and working across county and cultural borders is now the norm. But can you use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment across borders? Here’s what you should know.

How can MBTI personality type help strengthen relationships? Do people with the same type get along better? Listen to this episode of The Myers-Briggs Company Podcast to find out!

How can MBTI personality type help strengthen relationships? Do people with the same type get along better? Listen to this episode of The Myers-Briggs Company Podcast to find out!

Technology developments increasingly blur the work-life divide. But what’s the impact on employees? Is it always negative?

New research and data shows how different personality types approach conflict. But what does it mean for Introverted types?

Research shows that Introverted types handle conflict differently that those preferring Extraversion. Here’s how…

Those preferring Introversion handle conflict differently than Extraverted types. Here’s what you should know:

Awareness of different approaches to conflict could help multi-generational workforces understand each other and work together better.

Humans learn and grow all the time. But what about someone’s personality? Can your personality type change?

Why aren’t leaders as inclusive as they think? Listen to the latest podcast episode from The Myers-Briggs Company featuring Dr. Rachel Cubas-Wilkinson.

With increased stress and changing workplaces, burnout is on the rise. Hear from one of the leading experts in the field of workplace burnout to learn all about why companies keep getting it wrong when it comes to employee burnout.

If you’re in human resources, have a learning and development position, or are an independent trainer or consultant in these areas, you probably know the value of planned training and development initiatives for your employees. But when economies slow and budgets tighten, the training and development budget is often one of the first things to be cut. Why?

Career expert and coach Julie Gross shares her tips for finding a career with purpose in this episode of The Myers-Briggs Company Podcast.

The easiest way to run a conflict management workshop for a team is now here. Meet the new TKI® Team Report.

Learn the types and causes of conflict to be better prepared in how you manage conflict

Paying closer attention to employee needs is the way to make remote, in-office, and hybrid teams function better.

Conflict can be positive. New data and tips help you learn how to manage it.

If conflict management is something you dread, here’s how to start turning it around

Dr. Martin Boult, psychologist and leadership expert, shares his expertise on leadership and connection in this episode of The Myers-Briggs Company Podcast.

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