Introducing The Myers-Briggs Company Podcast

Written by Melissa Summer. 3 min read.

Welcome to The Myers-Briggs Company Podcast! This is where we bring together psychologists, personality experts, and thought leaders to talk about topics affecting work life and home life. And how to get the best from both.

In these episodes, insights abound. Discover how psychology and change intersect, the impact of Extraversion and Introversion on leadership styles, how to find your ideal career, how personality affects relationships, why conflict isn’t always a bad thing and much more …

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Episode 1: Psychology of Change featuring Sherrie Haynie

What is change management, and why is it important for leaders to understand? Guest Sherrie Haynie, Sr. Director of Professional Services at The Myers-Briggs Company, explores the psychology behind how people approach change, and how to use change management techniques to help everyone better deal with changes in both personal and professional settings.

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Episode 2: Leadership, Extraversion & Introversion with Jeri Bingham

What does it mean to be an introverted leader? How can extraverted leaders include those with introverted preferences, and vice versa? Guest, leadership expert and HushLoudly podcast host Jeri Bingham joins on this episode to discuss leadership, Extraversion, Introversion and more.

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Episode 3: Conflict Management with Gail Thomas

Conflict is inevitable. But is it always a bad thing? When old ways of doing things won’t work anymore, you have to figure out a new way. But not everyone agrees on how to move forward. Research is clear that effective conflict management is a cornerstone of high performing organizations. And guest Dr. Gail Fann Thomas, conflict management expert.

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