Myers-Briggs® App Updates

Important Update to the Myers-Briggs® App

Date Published: 22 July 2020

On July 30, 2020, a new version of the Myers-Briggs® App will be automatically pushed out to all users.  This new version aims to deliver improved functionality and new content, which are summarized as follows:

  • Restoration of the “import contacts” feature which was previously removed from the app because it was generating negative customer feedback.  Users will now be able to choose which contacts on their phone they wish to import into the app instead of being forced to import all contacts.
  • Improved management of contacts.  Users will now be able to search contacts in the app and quickly delete contacts by swiping left on a contact’s name.  See Screenshot 2 attached here.
  • New “How others see you” content.  Users will be able to read about how others are likely to see their own type, in addition to the existing information about the strengths, blind spots, work styles, and stress triggers of all 16 MBTI types.  This new content directly addresses the user and will only be visible for the user’s selected best-fit type.
  • New “Remote working tips” content.  Users will find these tips added to the “At work” section alongside the existing content for “Leadership style,” “Problem-solving approach,” and “Preferred working environment.”
  • Improvements to the “Problem-solving approach” section of “At work.”  Revised content better describes the Z-model process for each type, clarifying what people of each type are likely to focus their time on and what they might miss when trying to solve a problem

The above should result in a vastly improved experience for users, but the migration to the new version of the app will unfortunately have an adverse impact on a very small minority of users. For these users, the new version of the app will wipe out all of their contacts stored in the app. 


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