Introducing the new TKI Team Report

TKI Team Report

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  • Hassle-free team profiles
    Say goodbye to trying to piece together a team’s TKI results based on individual profiles. The TKI Team Report offers an easy way to generate a TKI profile for any team. Team members simply complete the assessment and the team’s profile can be generated.
  • Team and individual challenges and remedies
    The team’s TKI profile reveals how team members might be overusing or underusing any of the five conflict-handling modes. For the team’s highest- and lowest-scoring modes, the report identifies six potential challenges and provides actionable remedies grounded in evidence-based principles to help the team improve interpersonal relations and group decision-making. For individual development, the report also identifies unique challenges and remedies for each team member based on their own highest- and lowest-scoring modes.
  • Comes with expert guidance
    The free TKI Team Report Facilitator’s Guide includes detailed information about the report and step-by-step instructions to help you run a hands-on team development workshop. It also includes ready-to-use facilitation materials, such as a team conflict diagnostic worksheet and a SMART goal template for action planning. Download the TKI Team Report Facilitator’s Guide.
  • Backed by research
    The report is powered by the TKI assessment, the world’s leading psychometric tool for conflict—which is supported by decades of research and real-world use. Unlike other conflict tools, the TKI assessment is designed to overcome social desirability bias—people’s tendencies to present themselves in an overly positive way—providing results that you and your clients can trust.


TKI Team Report is designed for teams of two or more people. One report needs to be ordered per team member.

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In this webinar, Ken Thomas and Ralph Kilmann, authors of the TKI® Profile and Interpretive Report, along with Dr. Gail Fann Thomas, conflict management expert and co-author, introduce the new TKI® Team Report.

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