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Most people spend about a third of their lives at work. And if you don’t like your job, that’s a lot of time spent unhappy.

Invest in yourself and your future career today. Take a little time to be your own career coach, and figure out what career (or careers) will fit you best.

Purchase The MBTI Complete to receive personalized career paths based on your personality type, your predicted career satisfaction scores, and more.


of your life is spent working


number of jobs the average American has in their lifetime*


of people who reported being passionate about their jobs †

MBTI® learning styles guide

How your MBTI® type impacts how you learn

  • Tips for students on how to utilize their MBTI personality strengths for more productive learning
  • Learning strategies for each MBTI type preference

Inspiring Career Development E-book

In college? Here’s how to ‘adult’.

  • Tips on understanding and developing your skills
  • Understanding why is interests important to any career development plan 

Career exploration tips

Activities to help students with exploring careers

  • A diagram of where your skills, interests, and income opportunities intersect
  • Tips on creating a career mission statement

Finding a Career with Purpose | The Myers-Briggs Company Podcast

Listen to Career Coach Julie Gross discuss career exploration and finding your ideal career. Learn more

Choose your career with confidence

Whether you’re just starting your career exploration or you’re thinking about a 180° career switch, the MBTI Complete gives you theinsights you need for such an important life decision. Get a big boost of confidence while figuring out which career options to go for.

Here’s what you get:

  • The official MBTI assessment
  • A downloadable two-page report for your MBTI type
  • Tips for career exploration and development based on your personality type
  • A self-guided and self-paced online experience


$93.00 SGD (excludes applicable GST)

How can the MBTI assessment help you?

How I found the best career options during college

Learn how college student, Irene Hwang, used the MBTI assessment to explore her career options by understanding her MBTI personality type.


As a college student who’s still figuring out what career path will be best for me, the MBTI assessment was super helpful. I now know more clearly what my strengths and weaknesses are and what career paths would be best aligned with those strengths…

Irene Hwang, College Student