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The Myers-Briggs Company Launches New MBTIonline Experience

Sunnyvale, Calif., December 6, 2020—You know your four-letter personality type, now what? That’s the question The Myers-Briggs Company is helping people answer by launching the redesigned The updated site gives users an understanding of personality type that goes far beyond four letters. And anyone can explore how personality affects their career and relationships while learning how to address everyday challenges. Key changes to include:

Interactive Learning System Brings Coaching to Everyone

In the new MBTIonline experience, an interactive learning system (ILS) follows the MBTI questionnaire.

This helps users to self-identify their best-fit type and become more self-aware. The ILS mimics the guidance of an MBTI expert, bringing coaching benefits and making the MBTI framework more accessible.

Apply Personality Type to Real Life Scenarios with New MBTI Courses

Users can now opt to continue their personal development journey with four new courses covering:


More courses will be added to the platform soon, delivering even richer on-the-go personal development for individuals and small organizations alike.

“MBTIonline’s courses take you beyond personality insight,” said Jeff Hayes, CEO of The Myers-Briggs Company. “They help people turn insight into action. We teach you how to put self-awareness to use to improve your life and reach your goals.”


Immediately Use Your Type Knowledge to Build Better Habits

New scenario-driven prompts paired with personal and professional development guidance help users put personality insight into action. These prompts show the MBTI framework in context for each user and demonstrate real-life situations where personality-driven knowledge can be applied and used to their advantage.

MBTIonline’s exercises offer an effective and repeatable way to channel self-awareness and build new behavioral habits. In addition, it helps users recall important similarities and differences between personality types.

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