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Introduction to Type – the full range of books

Introduction to Type is a best-selling series of books covering MBTI personality type and its different applications.

What are you looking to achieve?

The range of Myers-Briggs Type booklets shows you just how versatile understanding your personality type can be.

The best thing is, you don’t need to be MBTI qualified to buy them. If you’ve reached your MBTI best-fit type with an MBTI qualified practitioner, you can start your own journey of self-discovery in the areas that interest you most.

Get an overview of personality type

Introduction to Myers-Briggs Type (7th edition)
Product Code: 6229 / 6229-PDF


The essential introduction to understanding MBTI results and integrating type concepts into everyday life. Great to follow on from feedback sessions or as a refresher at any time.

English versions have been updated to the 7th edition, including updated type language for easier comprehension of MBTI concepts and a companion website for learning on the go.

English formats (7th edition): Booklet | E-Book

Improve general workplace efficiency

Introduction to Myers-Briggs Type in Organizations (4th edition)
Product Code: 6539 / 6539-PDF


Understand your MBTI® type in the context of key workplace functions, such as leadership and work styles, problem-solving approach, and how you learn.

English versions have been updated to the 4th edition, including a companion website for learning on the go.

English formats (4th edition): Booklet |  E-Book

Improve communication

Introduction to Myers-Briggs Type and Communication
Product Code: 6289 / 6289-PDF


Understand the differences in communication styles whilst getting an overview of communication skills and strategies along with practical tips for communicating with others and areas for personal development.

Includes a companion website for learning on the go.

English formats (2nd edition): Booklet | E-Book

Improve leadership skills

Introduction to Myers-Briggs Type and Leadership
Product Code: 6276 / 6276-PDF


Find a wealth of material on the strengths of leaders of each personality type, as well as areas requiring development, to create a personalised road map for the continued growth of any leader.

Includes a companion website for learning on the go.

English formats (2nd edition): Booklet | E-Book

Improve teamwork

Introduction to Myers-Briggs Type and Teams (3rd edition)
Product Code: 6998 / 6198-PDF


Understand how MBTI® results relate to contributions on a team across six core work issues: communication, team culture, leadership, change, problem solving/conflict resolution, and stress.

English versions have been updated to the 3rd edition, including a companion website for learning on the go.

English formats (2rd edition): Booklet

English formats (3rd edition): E-Book

Improve coaching skills

Introduction to Type and Coaching
Product Code: 6158 / 6158-PDF

MBTI Introduction to Type & Coaching 2nd edition

Written as a guide to maximising the impact of coaching experiences, the booklet equips you with an easy-to-follow four-step process for drafting a coaching plan. It includes type insights that will help derive optimal value from each coaching session.

English formats (2nd edition): Booklet | E-Book

Work on emotional intelligence

Introduction to Type and Emotional Intelligence
Product Code: 6169 / 6169-PDF

This booklet looks at type in relation to an emotional intelligence framework.

English Formats: Booklet | E-Book

Improve project management

Introduction to Type and Project Management
Product Code: 6177 / 6177-PDF

Introduction to Type® and Project Management

Improve every phase of your project by applying MBTI type principles.

English Formats: Booklet | E-Book

Manage stress

In the Grip: Understanding Type, Stress and the Inferior Function
Product Code: 6180 / 6180-PDF

This booklet presents comprehensive information on the inferior function, what triggers it, and how it’s expressed in different types. This edition also focuses on workplace issues and the effects of long-term stress on employees at all levels within an organisation, based on research and the reported experiences of a stratified national sample of working adults.

English Formats: Booklet | E-Book

Drive innovation

Introduction to Type and Innovation
Product Code: 6185 / 6185-PDF

Introduction to Type and Innovation

Highlights the differences in how people define innovation, revealing why some phases of the innovation process feel comfortable, while others feel awkward and tiring. It enables you to develop type-friendly techniques that play to individual strengths in the innovation process, and shows how type-stretching techniques enable people to work “out of preference” and bring fresh perspective.

English Formats: Booklet | E-Book

Improve decision making

Introduction to Type and Decision Making
Product Code: 6186 / 6186-PDF

We all use different processes to make decisions. By understanding not only our own processes, but those of others, we can create strategies to improve collaboration – leading to more balanced and effective decisions.

English Formats: Booklet | E-Book

Effectively embed learning

Introduction to Type and Learning
Product Code: 6187 / 6187-PDF

Introduction to Type and Learning

Designed to help adult learners enhance their learning effectiveness, or develop a teaching style that supports others learning from them. Identify the learning styles of the different personality types and use it to develop skills and strategies to maximise knowledge sharing and retention.

English Formats: Booklet | E-Book

Understand how type works

Introduction to Type and the Eight Jungian Functions
Product Code: 6199 / 6199-PDF

Introduction to Type The Eight Jungian Functions

Deepen your understanding of MBTI theory for more dynamic application of MBTI results. Explore the mental function dichotomies, focusing on the extraverted and introverted expressions of each. The booklet starts with a clear description of the eight Jungian functions, then looks at applications of these functions and lastly looks at how to conduct a team analysis using these functions. Covers careers, communication, leadership, change, conflict and more.

English Formats: Booklet | E-Book

Reduce the impact of conflict

Introduction to Type and Conflict
Product Code: 6239 / 6239-PDF

Delve into the mechanics of conflict and pick up concrete and actionable tips to improve collaboration. With reference to the different triggers and responses and a simple model and clear strategies for managing conflict this is an invaluable resource for working with others.

English formats: Booklet | E-Book

Understand how and why types react differently

Introduction to Type Dynamics and Development
Product Code: 6862 / 6862-PDF

MBTI Introduction to Type Dynamics & Development

Type dynamics explores how our type preferences shape what is happening on and under the surface to explain how and why we react to situations differently. It explains why we feel our preferences change over our lifetime, even though they remain constant, with the probable path of maturation for each type.

English Formats: Booklet | E-Book

Increase job satisfaction

Introduction to Type and Careers
Product Code: 6903 / 6903-PDF

Through interactive exercises and insightful type descriptions, this booklet shows how MBTI results can be used to find a career path that suits your personality and values, develop concrete career goals, and establish a realistic process to reach those goals.

English formats (1st edition): Booklet

English formats (2nd edition): E-Book

Help students improve study techniques

Introduction to Type in College
Product Code: 6904 / 6904-PDF

This booklet describes how a student’s MBTI® type can affect his or her learning style, study habits, test taking, roommate and personal relationships, and stress in college. It describes all 16 MBTI® preferences and gives suggestions for overcoming typical college challenges.

English formats: Booklet | E-Book

Improve selling skills

Using Type in Selling: Building Customer Relationships with the MBTI
Product Code: 6942 / 6942-PDF

MBTI Using Type in Selling

Provides techniques for estimating a client’s ‘type mode’, based on behavioural and language cues.

English Formats: Booklet | E-Book

Manage change

Introduction to Type and Change
Product Code: 6966 / 6966-PDF

Understand why different people respond in different ways to organizational change. Includes actionable tips, both to help individuals take charge of their own needs and support their colleagues, and to help leaders implement and talk about change in a way that will appeal to all types of people.

English formats: Booklet | E-Book