How to adapt to constant change – especially in the workplace

We’re living in volatile, fluctuating times. Some people are working from home, some have gone back to the office, some are uncertain about the future, and many have a new ‘hybrid’ workstyle. But whatever your new work pattern, your personality type will always affect what you find stressful, and what strategies you’ll find effective.

In this webinar John Hackston, Head of Thought Leadership at The Myers-Briggs Company, will draw on data from research to show how you, and your team, can adapt to the new reality. You’ll learn:

  • What personality type is and what different personalities find stressful
  • Current working pattern breakdowns, how to work with those who want to go back to the office, and with those who don’t
  • The challenges of hybrid working for different personality types
  • How to stay psychologically safe and create a trusting hybrid work environment
  • Escaping the ‘stress zone’ for each type

You don’t need any previous knowledge of the MBTI assessment or personality type to attend this session.