Proven psychology for high-performing teams.

People are incredible. And incredibly complex. Put all those people on a team and sometimes, personalities clash.

The good news? All teams have the same hidden and visible psychological factors that determine whether they fail.

Or succeed.

So, what are the psychological components that determine team performance?

Download the Psychology of Teams to find out.

From the research

Companies that invest in collaboration and teamwork are 5x more likely to be high-performing.^

61% of teams have a Sensing team type.*

Teams that are mostly in-office say conflict is the worst thing about the team.*

People are on twice as many teams as they were five years ago.^

Get more from the research. Download Type, teams, and team performance for the full research report from The Myers-Briggs Company.

Get started

High-performing teams don’t just happen. They’re purposely developed by people like you. Ready to invest in your team? Here are three ways to get started…

1. Facilitated, virtual team building
A expert-facilitated online workshop to improve collaboration and pinpoint your team’s sticking points.

2. Get MBTI Certified. 
Get MBTI Certified to go beneath the surface and get lasting impact for your teams.

3. Custom team development solution
Work with our psychologists and team development experts to go beneath the surface and get lasting impact for your teams.

What’s your best option?

If you can’t decide, we’re here to help! Let’s chat about what’s keeping your team from performing their best and find an option that’s right for you.

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